Cyber Safe
Cyber Security Competition 

17 Jan 2022 - 14 Feb 2022

Cyber Safe Competition

17 & 19 Jan 2022, 12:00 pm (GST)
14 Feb 2022, 12:00 pm (GST)

The Cyber Safe competition is played over two rounds using challenges relevant to Incident Response skills from Immersive Labs’ challenge-based cybersecurity content that has been developed by experts and powered by the latest threat research. Players will receive points for each challenge they successfully complete. In addition, to ensure that players’ potential and aptitude is fully assessed, their scores in the Labs will be supplemented by a technical skills test and, for finalists, an interview and live technical test from senior technical practitioners. 

Great prizes will ensure that players with the most potential can continue to develop and build their incident response and other cybersecurity skills after the competition. Prizes include a full year’s license for Immersive Labs cutting edge, interactive, online training content for the top 10 finalists, training at the Advanced Cyber Security Academy for the top 20, and six months use of the Immersive Labs Customer Academy for the top 200 players.


What Is Cyber Safe?

Recent studies, including this survey published by Ipsos and the UK Gulf Women in Cybersecurity Fellowship in September 2021 have shown that Cyber Incident Response skills are amongst the most sought after in the Gulf region.

The Cyber Safe competition is being designed and delivered by the Advanced Cyber Security Academy in partnership with the UK Oman Digital Hub. The UK Oman Digital Hub is a British Embassy Muscat Initiative that is committed to a collaboration between Oman and the UK with the aim of increasing the digital skill base in Oman.

The Cyber Safe Competition is being delivered with the assistance of Immersive Labs, PhazeRo, and PGI.

This year this event will take place online, with players competing in the qualifying round on 17 January, and then the 50 top scorers playing in a final round on 14th February with follow up interviews and tests held through February and March to ensure players have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and aptitude in a range of dimensions.

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The top 10 competitors will receive a prize of a 12-month subscription to the Immersive Labs platform (valued at approximately OMR 1500 each)

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The top 20 competitors will receive training at the Advanced Cyber Security Academy.

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The top 50 competitors will receive an invitation to the prestigious Cyber Safe awards ceremony to be held in March.

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The top 200 competitors will receive a six-month subscription to the Immersive Labs Customer Academy to enable them to continue to develop their skills in a gamified environment.








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Prove your investigation skills with our Incident Response challenges. Test your knowledge as you move from a challenge to another, winning additional points with each solved challenge.
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